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The best way to find your path for healing is to reach out and set up a consultation with us.

As community herbalists, we work with people from all walks of life and have created an extensive product list based on their needs. We want to ensure you choose the right product for you the first time. We have put a lot of time into each description to help in this process but we understand how difficult it can be to choose the very right product to suit your needs. This is why we have decided to offer a 5 for $5 mini consultation. For $5, we will use your words to suggest 5 of our products that we feel would best suit your needs. After your consultation, you will receive a one time code to apply that $5 toward your order! Just find the $5 consultation listing, purchase and use the form below to reach out! Please note your order no.

The Tea or Tincture Consultation is for one area of focus. This is meant to be a very brief consultation that addresses an area of focus that we do not already make products for. This consultation includes one email exchange. The goal is for you to send one detailed email about the area of concern and our follow up email will include the custom tea or tincture blend, a list of the chosen ingredients and why we chose them. After the included tea or tincture, this consultation is $7. Please respect the guidelines of this consult so that i may continue offering it to others. If you have multiple areas that you are hoping to address, please consider the Full Herbal Consultation below. You may fill out our intake form with as many or few details as you’d like and we will make you a custom tea or tincture for the area of focus ($18 value included in the $25 fee making this consultation $7). We release 5 of these mini consultations per month.

Our full herbal consultations are a little different than most. We feel that questionnaires could result in missing crucial information and are just a little less organic than "venting". So please, vent away. No information is too much information. Your herbal consult email should be a mix of your present state, past state and goals for your future state of health. We want to cater to your needs. Make this herbal consult what YOU want. It could be a specific health issue or overall wellness intentions. This is a really great way to support your physical, emotional, spiritual & energetic health. Our goal as herbalists is to help your whole self. We will always try to reach the root of an issue or issues. Plants are extremely powerful in helping us connect to self & our surroundings. Please note, most prescription drugs are designed to target fast acting symptom control. You may not notice the healing that is occurring immediately. We ask that you have faith in your bodies natural ability to heal as well as natures and give each supplement 60-90 days. Our herbal consultation lasts as long as is needed. Cost is $75 and includes a $10 off coupon you may apply to the recommended protocol. Follow ups are available for $25. Herbal consultations & supplements may help with sleep trouble, stress and anxiety, respiratory conditions, auto-immune dis-ease, digestive function, colds and flus, reproductive health, skin issues, cardiovascular conditions and more. We release 3 of these full consultations per month.


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